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We ensure the lowest latency possible for your business

This is not the first time that virus attack our computer, because it is the principal actor to make this latency on it. We are talking about DDoS, the hacker’s system in fashion who squalls our website.

Let’s secure our website now

We still fighting of hacker and try to connect any tools technology as faster as it’s like your hamburger’s order on McDonald. But anytime that we changed our way of tracking, they get so far of us and we couldn’t catch him. Today, there are so many products to avoid it, that as we tested the most performer solution is KoDDoS. His strategy assures all hacker idea and protects as possible your data. KoDDoS is specially build to fight this kind of virus, but in the same times he sidesteps the direction of the website’s enemy. We can hope an output superfast, yes, its may laugh you but it is possible. They try to make our signal connection as speed as the light. Let’s see how they procced to have this great result.

KoDDoS and his coulisse of work

KoDDoS is a society seat on Netherlands Datacenter and another on Hong Kong. Netherland is an island which is not easy to access, this datacenter is in a big area with a security protection like a bunker. Every client will have his own boxes. Let’s give you a picture to see what’s happen when DDoS virus attacked your website. They subscribe on your site to be a client, and they bring some friends like their godson. When they are inside, they bought, they talk with you as a normal client, the time that they found your server. Your website became to lose his clients, and you make some discord about transaction payment, and at last its shows “disable website”. Clients can’t have access to your website, and your drama will start there. But the real tragic of this is, all person who trying to connect on your website, will be exposed to this virus.

So, this is how KoDDoS ensure you. They put their wall of protection before your server. They give you a big data to respond quickly to your loyal client and all those support guaranteed