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PHP developers are really asked

If you asked to describe PHP in one word, it would be ubiquitous. Means it’s everywhere. And so are the PHP people, who develop with it. So how can you find an expert PHP developer among all those who claim to “know” the language? This blog here will give you the answer.
PHP is used in more than 80 percent of the websites and applications as a server side language. It is used in more than 80 percent of all the web projects, and with PHP 7 just around the corner it is only going to rule the web world. Finding an average PHP developer is not that much difficult. However, mastering this language requires a lot of time and effort, and if it’s the professional few you’re looking for, you will definitely need to design a flawless interview process. Writing down interview questions, it’s difficult to maintain a balance: you want to test your candidates’ problem-solving and error-resolving ability, but not torture them with a long list of boring, irrelevant questions and potentially drive them away.

Ask basics questions

While you don’t want to irritate your candidates with a standard interview routine, asking one or two basic questions from them won’t hurt anyone. You need to ensure that the candidate must have a good understanding of PHP and how it’s used in the development process.

Ask them some non-technical queries

Developers sometimes need to explain things to other developers and non-developers the same, and making them talk about something they find interesting can tell you a whole lot about how they communicate, which is no less important than their PHP skills as in a php development company

Ask specific questions

Some of those specific questions will largely depend on the kind of knowledge and skills your project requires. Write down the list of sample PHP interview questions which will help to evaluate the candidate’s expertise. The list should contain server-side, database, and client-side related topics.