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My Social Book, everyone is talking about it on social networks! This is a book, which tracks all of your posts, comments and other reactions on your social networks during a period of your choice.

My Social Book photo book

To simplify the creation of your book as much as possible, My Social Book offers you to import directly in a few seconds all of your photos from Instagram or Facebook for the period you want. Your book will then be automatically created in a few moments (45 seconds) and you will just have to modify and adapt it if you want to refine the details. The site offers 4 different book formulas, all in 20x25cm format with more or less options depending on your budget. This format is perfectly suited for a photo book, neither too small nor too large. It is possible to create a book from several social accounts, if you want to make a book for you and your spouse for example.

  • Best price formula: Soft cover photo book with glossy paper finishes. Standard paper (90gsm).
  • Recommended formula: Photo book similar at the best price but with a higher quality paper (135gsm) allowing more vivid colors and a satiny touch.
  • Hard cover formula: Glossy hard cover book of the same quality as the recommended formula book.
  • Luxury edition: Book with a thicker, rigid cover with matte finishes. The paper is even better and more rigid (170gsm). It also has a bookmark and is accompanied by a gift box to give a luxurious effect.

How it works?

To order your My Social Book, simply go to the online store and select the social network you want to remember: your Facebook profile, your Instagram page, or a Facebook page of which you are a fan. Then select the period you want to find in the book. The My Social Book software will automatically search for all posts, photos, comments, etc. that have been posted during this period on the profile concerned. You can then choose to keep them all, or delete the items of your choice. You can also choose the cover of the book and its quality! Finally, and this is an option that I like very much for future gifts, you can choose to create a common mysocialbook with your lover by mixing the posts of your two profiles, or with your friends and associates, mixing up to 5 Timelines! This is an idea that you can keep very carefully in mind.