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The wooden outdoor jacuzzi

To have a spa or hot tub on sale at home and enjoy the pleasures of hydrotherapy at home! The wooden spa also known as the Nordic bath with jets is available in 5 diameters, 3 heights and two types of wood. This allows the wooden Jacuzzi to be precisely adjusted to each individual's needs. Discover on the good plans tailored to your budget as well as tips for installing your wooden outdoor jacuzzi. The outdoor jacuzzi in solid wood surely relaxation, relaxation and aesthetics. Natural and authentic, return to this fully-fledged equipment of comfort ... and decoration. Treat yourself to the intense well-being experience of thalassotherapy directly at home. On you could frequent moments of unique relaxation and total relaxation in your garden, on your terrace, or in a place dedicated to rest and pleasure in the spa.

The steps to know for the installation of your jacuzzi

The first step to installing a jacuzzi in the house is to imagine the best location. It should be noted that the floor must be consistent and robust because the spa weighs on average 2 tonnes once loaded: the size and mass of the pool are the first details to consider. It must therefore be installed on a floor capable of supporting the mass. You should examine with an expert if necessary, that the soil can maintain the weight. So you must meditate on your plans with this weight in mind.

The second step involves choosing for your jacuzzi the location for the installation of the block or technical room. The goal is to sit with water reaching the shoulders. Thus, you need approximately 55cm of water, knowing that it is necessary to add ten centimeters above the water to prevent overflows. Just as a small volume of water heats up quickly, it also cools faster. If your spa is not heated, it is of course recommended to place it so that it is as exposed as possible to the sun. Indeed, it is necessary to have an entrance to the water system and to agree to electrical installation standards to guarantee the proper functioning and safety of your jacuzzi.