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How to build a website with php ?

PHP is a complex but very useful language to create dynamic modules on a website as a member area, a forum, a newsletter and more. Its uniqueness is that it is considered on the server side and not on the client side.

The Web languages

Creating a website always requires to handle multiple languages.To build a site with PHP, you absolutely must know the web languages, including HTML and CSS. They constitute an essential basis for all webmasters.

Simple to learn, HTML works from tags. CSS is a formatting language websites. While HTML allows you to write the content of your web pages and structure, the CSS handles the formatting and layout. This is CSS that one particular chooses the color, menu size, and many more. These languages ​​are the basis of all web sites. When the server sends the web page to the client, it actually sends the code in HTML and CSS.
The problem is that when you know only HTML and CSS, you can only produce static websites ... not dynamic sites! For the latter, it is necessary to handle other languages ​​in addition to HTML and CSS.

For a dynamic site, add PHP and MySQL

PHP is mainly used to generate dynamic content for web pages, but it can very well perform in local scripts like any interpreted language. PHP can also create other formats associated with the Web as images, pdf or xml. It is a language that only includes servers and that can make your site dynamic. It's PHP that "generates" the dynamique pages. It can work alone, but it really takes interest only if it is combined with a tool such as MySQL. MySQL is called a DBMS (Database Management System). Its role is to record data organized way to help you find them easily later. It's thanks to MySQL that you can save the list of members of your site, posts on the forum, etc.
Additionally PHP and MySQL are free.

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