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Discover : the tongue drum

An instrument of which many are still unaware to this day, even if they frequently hear about it in recent times. Very associated with modern music, the tongue drum is an avant-garde instrument, whose sound and appearance intrigue many people, by their specificity.

What is tongue drum?

To what is mentioned above, this is a musical instrument. Without touching or scratching rope, this instrument belongs to the category of percussion, and is used both by hand, as well as from links. However, it should be noted that tongue drum is also one of the easiest instruments to master, even if some, lacking practice, say the opposite. Increasingly known throughout the world, this instrument accompanies many genres of music, not just modern music. Generally, it is made from metal, which gives it its sound and resonance, rather peculiar and difficult to imitate. And besides music, it’s also one of the most popular accessories for yogis.

Get on the tongue drum

Tongue drum is easily accessible on the market and is currently a rather coveted musical instrument, especially since it is essential to have one in order to improve your learning. However, as easy to learn as it is to acquire, the tongue drum is used as well in music as in yoga, because of the effects of the sounds it emits, which have certain influences on everyone’s mind. Visible in both physical and online stores, it is also used in music therapy nowadays, which seems to make many people happy, especially since it integrates perfectly with any type of music. Whatever the rhythm or the preference of each one, the tongue drum allows everyone to finally be able to play a musical instrument.

Apart from the music and yoga sessions, even at rest, the tongue drum is still useful, since it is a perfect decoration accessory for its living room.