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All different designs of spa tubs for sale

You are decided to buy a spa to give you relaxing moments at home, but you don't know how to choose? Here are all our tips on what questions to ask yourself when buying a spa.

Types of spas

Permanent Spa

The traditional spa or hard-shell spa is a top-of-the-range piece of equipment that will allow you to relax in the best possible way. These spa tubs for sale are real technological jewels and are very resistant. The traditional spas offered on offer the best value for money. Our spas are made of acrylic, a material that keeps the heat in. It is very resistant, naturally non-slip and allows you to keep bright colors. These traditional spas all benefit from hydro-jets, guaranteeing a deep massage. They all have a water heating system, air and water pumps as well as a filtration pump. They also have a safe, single-phase electrical system as well as an ergonomic digital control panel to allow you to vary the types and power of the jets.

Swimming Spa

Swimming spas have all the advantages of a swimming pool while retaining all the benefits and pleasures of a spa. Swimming spas are real small pools equipped with a heating system that allows you to practice weight training, aquagym and swimming thanks to a counter-current swimming system. You swim on the spot in front of the high-pressure water jets that can be adjusted to your wishes.

The Inflatable Spa

No need for a bulky, hard installation to enjoy a delicious bubble bath! The inflatable spa is a very clever and inexpensive solution to enjoy the joys of thalassotherapy at home and at will. Today, inflatable spas come in a wide variety of sizes and ranges.

Nothing obliges you to want to make a spa your own, since you can enjoy them per session in the places they are intended for. However, given its advantages, it would be preferable not to neglect it, and if possible to buy one at home.