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The overflow spa

The infinity pool is a luxury that makes you dream, like the infinity spa which is also a first choice model. Especially since choosing this model comes down to choosing to benefit from many other advantages.

Choosing an overflow spa

In such a spa, water will be called upon to overflow on all sides of your spa. To do so, this balneotherapy equipment must therefore be completely filled with water to its very edges. If the model chosen is embedded in the ground, the water will reach the same level as the ground. It should be noted that this model can also be declined as a model to be installed indoors or outdoors. Just ask your local spa providers if they have one. However, the installation procedure for this type of spa is relatively more complex than for other existing models. As a result, its cost is also more expensive. This is what makes price comparison and prospecting here more important. This is the golden rule to follow for any purchase. It is about the good health of your budget while taking into account your expectations.

The main advantages of an overflow spa

The many advantages offered by an overflow spa, which are not always found in so-called classic types of spas, are the main reasons for a user to choose it over another type of spa.

By overflowing the bathing water also removes dirt on the surface without giving them time to settle at the bottom of the pool and in the various elements of the piping. The buffer tank of this spa collects the evacuated water. The latter will be processed there and can subsequently be reused. In terms of well-being, immersing the whole body in water is particularly relaxing. As for the aestheticism of the structure in general, it gives more style to your interior as to your garden by displaying high-end finishes and having been the object of great care. The hot tubs sale is now on at Tropicspa.